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Taking Stock

So we launched on Tuesday! It's a whole mix of feelings to realize that this is the first anything in the fathom lineage that's actually launched.

If you're reading this newsletter, chances are you'll at least be somewhat interested in the course I talked about developing last week, Internet Homesteading. It's a course on making a home for yourself on the internet, with a website.

This course is particularly dear to me as it's quite connected to the original idea for, a learning institutions made of links between personal websites. Not quite enough people have personal websites for that to be a viable thing, but maybe this course can help change that!

If you've ever wanted to make your own personal site, but not quite known how to turn the huge amount of tools and options into something personal and manageable, this course is for you! If you're thinking about enrolling but you're unsure if it's a right fit, or just have a question, shoot me an email!

So what's going on with Fancynote?

The high of launching hyperlink is somewhat tempered by the down I'm feeling on fancynote at the moment. This wekeend I dug into what felt like dozens of different interesting ideas and ended up in basically the same place I started and still unsure what to do next.

I'm deep enough in this to recognize this as probably not a bad thing and maybe good thing. These periods of time are usually just me processing ideas, keeping them moving in my head until something locks into place.

I did spend a wee bit of time cleaning up the codebase. Refactoring is always fun.

I feel like I've got a lot of pieces set, and now I need to combine them into something actually worth using. I've got a little parser for a simple syntax. I've got the base data structure, a log, and way to create views on top of it. The one thing I'm missing is a nice way to interact with it all.

In someways I've been avoiding this problem since the start, cause it turns out making a text-editor is hard. Trying to tackle it could explode into this into even more directions, and pretty much cement the projects fate as an eternal yak.

Instead I think I need to once again radically reduce scope, and orient the project towards me actually using it as soon as possible.

I decided to re-focus this newsletter around fancynote 11(!) weeks ago at this point. I think a good approach to re-focusing again would be to review those last 11 weeks of newsletters and see where I was on track, and where I may have drifted off course.

I haven't begun to really use this newsletter as a reference for myself, but I think it can be a really useful tool for that! Hopefully getting a glimpse at what I was thinking and doing over these last couple months will help me get hyped for this project again!

Anyways, that's all I got for today. Thank you all for hanging out on this meandering journey with me :)

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