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Hi! I'm Jared Pereira. I work on, building learning infrastructure for everyone. I care about the ways people learn and create, on their own and with each other, and especially about how they do so with computers.

You can reach me at jared(at)awarm.spaceor as @jrdprr on twitter

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Making a modern ebook with Standard Ebooks
Updating an ebook from Project Gutenberg for modern ereaders
Magic Musings
Magic as a good label for a real phenomena
Writing fast and slow
Refactoring the taxonomy of things I write on this website

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Monome Norns
My explorations with the monome norns
My Commonplace book
Snippets and highlights from the things I interact with
Personal website tours
Interviews of folks with lovely personal websites
Request for Tools
A list of tools I would like someone to make