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I've been on and off attempting at a meditation practice for the last couple years. This past month marks my latest attempt, this time guided and informed by a bit more reading.

My mental models for meditation are what guide my practice and they've evolved a lot. This is my attempt to document them in as simple terms as I can manage. If they change I'll update this page, and over time the history of this file should track how my practice evolves. This is short right now as I don't know much.

Things I think I know


  1. Meditation is the process of gaining knowledge of the functioning of the mind through observation of it.
  2. This requires that observation be the sole focus and so meditation requires deliberate intentional practice
  3. A good starting point is observing sensation
  4. A good sensation to observe is the breath, as it's ever present, deeply integrated with one's mental state, and nuanced.
  5. Your goal is to hold your attention on your breath, and perceive it as precisely as you can, while keeping awareness of your mental state and the world around you.
  6. Through this you're training:
    1. Attention
    2. Awareness
    3. Perception
  7. Training these has external benefits and enables closer observation of the mind.


  1. Enlightenment is the "end goal" of meditation
  2. It's not a singular experience but a continous state where your actions are in line with your intentions and your relationship to the world
  3. It can be initiated by a singular experience, a visceral felt realization of the non-existence of the self.

Possible Experiments

I would like to experiment more with the structure of my meditation sessions:

  1. attempt to make the breath as light as possible and continue to observe it
  2. Write down any thought that distracts and let it go