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Personal website tours

Personal websites are a pretty powerful tool for learning, and for interacting on the internet. However they're also a massive blank page, with all the anxiety that possibilities entail.

This "course" is a chance to explore how we can all use our sites better via a series of conversations with people who have very cool websites.


To join just turn up for the meetings outline below! You can also email me if you want to get a reminder the day before as well as summaries of the conversations.

If you are someone, or know someone, who would like to give a tour of their personal site, you can email me or drop a comment in this issue


Every Thursday we'll hop on a call. The conversation will begin from a presentation from an individual on how they use their personal website, how it's built, and anything else they want to talk about.

From there we'll open the floor to some questions, and see where the conversation goes!

The conversation will be formally capped at an hour, but if people want to hang out later they're welcome to!

If all the participatns are comfortable with it, the conversation will be recorded and posted here for posterity.

If your interested at talking at one of these, please reach out!

Past Sessions

Brendan Schlagel

website, recording

A chat with Brendan about his collection websites, how he built them with Wordpress, and the different projects he's using them for. We get into the weeds around Wordpress's Gutenberg Editor, side-projects, and font based t-shirts!

Tom Critchlow

website, recording

Sagar livetweeted the session, so check out that for some highlights!

James Gallagher

website, recording

We talk about Jame's site, the benefits and tradeoffs of using Squarespace, and his Publicly Traded Person project!

Chris Aldrich

website, recording

Chris talks about all the indieweb ways he's using his website, like using webmentions for comments and pulling in his content from all across the web. He walks us through different extensions and tools he uses to get it done!

Joel Dueck

website, recording, links

Joel walks us through his 20+ year strong personal website, and digs into his frustrations with past versions, and how he's building the latest edition to generate both a website and a book.